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Local musician Mateo Blanco is celebrating his 10th anniversary of his debut album, “Mateo Blanco 724,” with a re-release. The album is available today on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play and Amazon Music. 

An accomplished musician, Blanco made history with the original release of the album by becoming the first American tenor to record a multi-genre record. The album ranges from salsa to vallenato. His Colombian heritage shows, as the album is recorded in Spanish.

mateo blanco

“The purpose behind my album is to inspire people to follow their dreams, believe in love and to spread positivity,” Blanco said in a press release. “Music is a vehicle for emotions, so it was important for me to have fellow dreamers collaborate on the record. I personally interviewed every musician who worked on my album to ensure they not only have a happy personality, but true goodness in their soul.”

But Blanco isn’t only a recognized artist of music. He is a visual artist, too. 

Known for his use of unconventional mediums and edible materials, Blanco’s art can be seen around the world in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museums, as well as other museums and private collections. 

Some of Blanco’s noteworthy projects include a portrait of celebrity actress Jennifer Lawrence made from peanuts, a portrait of Dolly Parton made from pieces of cloth and strong and Princess Elsa (from Disney’s animated film “Frozen”) made from sugar crystals.

“I see art in everything,” Blanco told the News-Gazette. “I really love food and I really love art. It’s amazing to be able to unite the two.”

To learn more about Blanco, visit http://mateoblanco.us.