Let the games begin: Kissimmee Dominos Club – a way to relax and network

The Kissimmee Dominos Club’s aim is to attract business professionals, retirees and professional players to the downtown Kissimmee area.

Gustavo Torres knows nothing brings people together like a good game of dominos.

Torres has recently started a Kissimmee Dominos Club in downtown Kissimmee. The club meets every Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. at Matador Tacos and Tapas Bar located on the corner of Broadway and Monument Avenue.

The purpose of the Kissimmee Domino Club is to have a place in downtown Kissimmee where people can meet, play competitive games in a relaxed setting and network with new business contacts.

Torres was inspired to start the Kissimmee Dominos Club because of his father. Torres’ father lived in Puerto Rico and passed away last year. Torres and his father loved to play dominos together.

“The last activity they did together before his father passed away was playing dominos,” said Deisamar De Soto-Torres, Torres’ wife. His father “was such an inspiration to him.”

Torres is an active member of the Osceola business community. He is a certified public accountant with an office in downtown Kissimmee.

The Kissimmee Domino Club’s aim is to attract business professionals, retirees and professional players to downtown Kissimmee. They hope to increase membership so they can include more games for members to play, like chess and any other game that could be popular in the community.

“We want to open a place where everybody could come play dominos and have a good time,” said Torres.

The Kissimmee Domino Club has several goals for 2019, including creating more tournament-style competitions.

Torres also hopes to start a gallery night in downtown Kissimmee in 2019. Gallery nights were extremely successful in Old San Juan downtown and Pensacola. They include street art presentations, student music performances, and local businesses promotions. The event would bring more people to the growing nightlife of downtown Kissimmee.

The Kissimmee Domino Club can be an excellent way to foster community relations among local businesses.

“If you bring something to the downtown area, the area will grow,” said Torres. “When we compare downtown Kissimmee with other growing downtowns, some of the things they have in common are that people come together to network and promote the businesses in the area. They want to grow the area.”

Those interested in participating are encouraged to follow the Kissimmee Domino Club Facebook page for club updates.