In the spirit of Mother’s Day last Sunday, the News-Gazette asked experienced mothers out there: What advice would you give to new or expecting mothers? Please share your insight and experience!

Here were just some of the responses some mothers posted along on our Facebook page.

 •“To new mother’s from a mother of three: Let your kids be kids! They have their whole life to be an adult, let them enjoy their childhood. Childhood is only for a very short time and adulthood for life. Have fun with your kids, their great little creatures!”

 •“Have patience, enjoy your kids, they grow fast and never feel bad to ask for help and as time goes on, you and your new baby will have experiences and memories. I thank God for giving me an opportunity to be a mother of two wonderful sons and now a new experience to be a grandma of two grandkids and for a chance to live longer to see more in the future.”

 •“Enjoy all the moments, the stages, the battles, you are the one that creates your child’s life, for all of their life, the foundation which with they grow and learn. How they learn and who they become is mostly up to you and the example you give them, good and bad, sometimes the things they learn from you don’t come into play until they are in their 30s and 40s, when they look back and understand the lessons from a more experienced point of perception, teach them it’s OK to fail, but to come back fighting the next time. Teach them they are going to hurt, but tomorrow will bring a rainbow, teach them life isn’t fair but by effort they will move forward, and most always guide with your heart but know that sometimes your have to be tough for the betterment of them, and your going to make mistakes, but as long as they know they are loved, they will survive, lol.”

 •“Don’t buy into the fads or the “newest” thing. And you are not obligated to do what anyone says ‘works best.’. Trust your gut when it comes to your baby – you really do know best – you are “home” to that little person... just because it worked for me...doesn’t mean it will for you. If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Now that you are in the mom club you get to tell anyone you want to stop giving you unwanted advice.”

 •“When they sleep, sleep! Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

 •“The most important thing your child needs is to feel loved! Everything else you will learn and things will come together with time. And always remember this: It is just a phase and it will pass!”

 •“When you think they finally have a predictable sleep schedule, it’ll change. Nursing is natural, but not always easy. Cloth diapers make awesome spit rags, and cleaning cloths when they are older. Learn to sleep sitting up. Lol.”

 •“Pick your battles because there will be many, enjoy every minute of your life with them because they change as fast as Florida weather and most important, be consistent and listen to your child and the other’s around him or her.”

 •“Don’t Blink!!!”

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