Dancing knows no age: Local resident, 71, still competes professionally

Local resident Linda Caplan dances professionally both locally and internationally.

Local resident Linda Caplan has been dancing since the age of 59.

“I started with country western line dancing, and soon learned country couples, ballroom, and Latin,” said Linda, “I began attending many social dances all over central Florida, making many friends, and participating in events from Jacksonville to Daytona to Titusville to Melbourne, south to West Palm, west to Orlando, and even occasionally to Tampa.”

In 2014, she began to compete in ballrooms while later on switching to the Country Western with her professional instructor in Orlando. This led her to compete at the United Country Western Council (UCWDC) events.

Twenty-one independent event directors who met in Grantville, Pa., formed the United Country Western Council in November of 1989.

The directors shared a desire to unite competitive country dance events under one set of competition rules dance standards.

“I began at the newcomer level, advanced to novice, and now to a combined intermediate-advanced level. I compete in an age division,” said Linda, “I am now 71 years old.”

While growing up, Linda claimed to be not very athletic and to never participate in sports events. She now claims to be very active every day, by attending many hours of lessons, practices, and group lessons each week.

Linda travels with her professional instructor, along with his business partner; to the Orange Blossom dance festival here in Orlando every June. They also travel to many events, both domestic and occasionally international.