Girls are joining the pack.

For the first time in Osceola County, girls will have the opportunity to join Cub Scouts — an organization, originally designed for boys, to build character and leadership skills.

While Osceola isn’t the first county to invite girls into the pack, this concept is still a fairly new trend. Only a few other all-girl Cub Scout packs exist in Central Florida.

“It’s exciting that we will be able to participate in our own town, and not have to leave our county,” said Kris Loyd-Holmes, Celebration resident and mother of three (two daughters and one son), who will step in as the Den Leader for Celebration’s first all-girl pack.

Loyd-Holmes, a Girl Scout growing up, thinks this will be a great opportunity for young girls to learn other traits and skills. Cub Scouts focuses on a different range of skills than Girl Scouts, including more physical activities, citizenship and personal growth.

So far the Celebration all-girl pack has five girls interested in joining — one being Loyd-Holmes’ 8-year-old daughter, Hailey Holmes.

Loyd-Holmes said her 13-year-old daughter, Hannah Holmes, is also excited to join Cub Scouts, as she will begin her climb toward the Eagle Scout in February. Hannah is studying to be a pilot, and is excited for the opportunities being an Eagle Scout will bring her for her studies and within her community. The Eagle Scout rank is considered to be very honorable, and allowing females to obtain this recognition is a significant shift in the organization’s more than 100-year history.

The first all-girl Cub Scout pack is forming in Osceola County

Photo/Kris Loyd-Holmes

Hailey Holmes, left, and Hannah Holmes, right, are dressed in their new Cub Scout uniforms.

But the best part of it all is the way families will be able to all scout together. The boy- and girl-only Cub Scout packs will meet monthly to participate in co-ed activities, like carnival (game) nights.

“This is changing the ways families can scout together,” said Loyd-Holmes. “There are amazing activities for the entire pack.”

Additionally, both boys and girls will have the opportunity to participate in the annual popcorn sale, where they will learn life and sales skills.

Loyd-Holmes said, above anything, she is grateful that all three of her children will be able to enjoy something together.

“I don’t want them to change the rules and curriculum [of Cub Scouts],” she said. “I’m just glad that we can all be part of it together.”

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