By Jennifer DiDomenico

For the News-Gazette

Ricky de Jesus has lived in Central Florida for just over a year.

He moved to Osceola County from Collier County last July when a close friend in the area was looking for a roommate.

“This part of Florida is gorgeous,” said de Jesus. “It’s different from living on the coast, but it’s still just an hour from the beach. I really love it up here.”

Aside from working at Celebration’s local food and wine imperium, de Jesus enjoys using his Gold’s Gym membership, taking trips to the beach and exploring all of the attractions and benefits for young adults living in Central Florida.

In the last year, de Jesus has seen many changes around his community.

He says, “It’s not just Osceola County that’s changing.” But that all of Central Florida is evolving and seeing more build.”

With the recent announcement of a downtown ChampionsGate development project, Osceola County residents have a whole new area to explore just a highway exit away.

“They’re doing big things there, every time I drive by there’s a new building,” said de Jesus. “It’s bringing a lot of work and entertainment opportunities [for Osceola County residents].”

Though de Jesus may soon have a new place to enjoy, he currently enjoys grabbing a meal at Hotto Potto — a Chinese restaurant on Semoran Boulevard in Orlando, with in-table hot pots, fresh ingredients and house-made sauces.

“There’s a lot of great places to eat and a lot of places to go,” said de Jesus. “I can definitely see myself staying in this area for a while, it’s really different from South Florida.”

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