Osceola according to…Nick Petriella

By Jennifer DiDomenico

For the News-Gazette

At 30 years old, Nick Petriella has spent half of his life in the town of Celebration. He moved to the town from Cleveland, Ohio when he was just 15 years old. He says his dad was ready for a change of pace, sick of the brutal Ohio winters.

Petriella’s first job as a teenager was at the AMC movie theater in downtown Celebration. He defines the (now closed) location it as a “staple to the town” and is disappointed that the building stands empty.

After completing a year of college, Petriella took a full-time bartending position. He has worked his way up in the hospitality industry and now manages Celebration’s Imperium of Food and Wine. With a dozen different ales to choose from, Petriella recommends the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.

“I’m really interested in the brewing process of beer and want to open up my own brewery someday,” said Petriella.

He admits that he spends his weekends checking out local places— Reprise Brewery in St. Cloud, for example.

Petriella says he has planted his feet firmly in Celebration. Much has changed, but he’s not complaining.

“The whole county has changed for the better,” says Petriella. “There are more renovations, more establishments. The hospitality industry is really thriving, and it’s making the area much more trendy for young adults.”