Osceola according to… Daniela Kukowski

Daniela Kukowski

Daniela Kukowski

By Jennifer DiDomenico

For the News-Gazette

Daniela Kukowski is a 23-year-old woman living in the town of Celebration with her husband and newborn baby.

Originally from Venezuela, Kukowski moved to Osceola County with her family when she was 10 years old.

“We moved here from Venezuela once the political situation greatly diminished,” said Kukowski. “At first our home in Celebration was just for vacations to Disney and such, but it quickly turned into our everyday home. We have lived here for around 13 years and it has been incredible.”

Growing up, Kukowski was very big in theater. She spent most of her free time preparing for shows. She and her friends would kick back on the weekends, visiting Disney’s many theme parks. She has also made it a tradition to attend Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

As a new mother, Kukowski enjoys spending time with her family.

“My husband, son and I spend a lot of time together. Out little man is still small, but I am sure our adventures will only increase once he is older,” said Kukowski.

She said one of their favorite activities is walking the trails of Celebration and seeing the wildlife.

Kukowski says that Osceola County has changed in many ways in the last few years. She is most concerned about the redistricting of schools, as she wants to ensure that her child receives a good education.

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