Brothers & Sisters

We are brothers and sisters

Daughters and sons of a generation

Who wanted to give up on love years ago,

But we do our best to uncover it.

We are a constellation,

Beautifully illuminated by our imperfections

We wear our indifferences like armor

Because we fear what we’ll see if we’re allowed

That second of individuality

To understand our own emotions and display vulnerability

We are brothers and sisters

Who inhale criticism and exhale cynicism

Because the men before us did not acknowledge such a cruel world

So, we can only embrace it

Drape ourselves in abject misery

Stitch and mend the problems of our history

We are the brothers and sisters

A mass of degenerates in despair

Who crave a sweet, hollow feeling that we substitute

For the lack of love that we knew

Because no one told us that we would be born in such a place

We wear our sadness as a charm,

I wonder when unhappiness became so impossible to replace.

But at some point, in between

The energy,

The passion,

The optimism,

The pride,

We are here together

With a fulfillment of desire to do something better,

For the next generation.

The Guiding Hope of Our People

Beautiful Black Woman you are sensuous.  

Your splendor is like the shining sun, you are wondrous.  

Wondrous ways coming from your soul,   

Which no man may hope to control.  

Beautiful Black Woman you are the guiding hope of our people.

 Every time you are broken the world gets covered with sadness  

Beautiful Black Woman your spirit is like a shining church tower   

Which points directly to Heaven above  

Your magical essence can make two hearts fall in love

Beautiful Black Woman why can’t you see how much you mean to me

  Beautiful Black Woman you were tortured, abused, blamed  

For nothing.  

Deep down in your soul,

The words are often untold,

Of the pain you somehow controlled.

If only you knew that you were created  

With brown sugar, warm honey, cocoa and precious gold.  

You were a mother fighting for her children,  

And a daughter who was taught to be a warrior by her parents.  

They couldn’t help to minimize, de-legitimize, with a dark veil over their eyes,  

But as Maya Angelou would say “We still rise”.

Beautiful Black Woman you are the guiding hope of our people.