Big Fish Games sets world record

Big Fish Games set up 10,133 toys to set a record with Guinness World Records for the World’s Largest Collection of Toy Story Memorabilia.

A world record has been set.

Big Fish Games, creator of Toy Story Drop!, recently set a world record — the World’s Largest Collection of Toy Story Memorabilia.

According to officials, in order to set the record there had to be at least 1,000 commercially available toys on display.

“A few points I’m looking for… Everything has to be out on display and everything used has to be commercially available from the Toy Story franchise,” Guinness World Records North America, Inc. Adjudicator Michael Empric said at the event.

The Big Fish Games team arrived at Disney Springs long before the family entertainment and shopping center opened on June 11, to set up enough figurines to beat the current record. In fact, they went “to infinity and beyond” with their needed amount.

“I have measured and counted all of these pieces. The mark to beat was 1,000,” said Empric.  “I can now announce that Big Fish Games, you have 10,133 — it’s a new Guinness World Records title. Congratulations… You are officially amazing.”

So what happened to the 10,000 plus toys? Big Fish Games donated them to Give Kids the World — a nonprofit resort off U.S. Highway 192 that provides weeklong, cost-free vacations to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families

After the world record was set, a special kiosk where guests of Disney Springs can play and downloaded the gaming application opened to the public. Note: The kiosk is located near the Lime Garage, across the pathway from Paddlefish. It will be open through summer.

The game release, record setting and opening of the Disney Springs gaming kiosk coincides with the recent release of Disney Pixar’s animated feature film Toy Story 4.

“Toy Story Drop! represents an exciting new opportunity for fans to play inside the world of Toy Story and interact with new and beloved characters,” Sean Shoptaw, Senior Vice President, Global Games & Interactive Experiences at Disney Parks, Experiences and Products said in a press release. “Big Fish has masterfully combined their expertise for creating top-tier match three games with the treasured Toy Story universe to create something special, and we are thrilled that today, fans will be able to experience all the fun and adventure of the game for themselves.”

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