Osceola County Animal Services is asking for the public’s help to find a dog connected to an attack on a woman near Cornerstone Church Tuesday morning.

The woman was walking her dog in front of the church, 2915 Canoe Creek Road at about 10:20 a.m. , when a medium-sized black, short-haired dog with floppy ears approached her. When she reached down to pick up her dog, the black dog attacked her. She suffered injuries on her face and both arms.

If the dog is not found so it can be taken into quarantine, the woman may have to undergo post exposure rabies vaccinations. Animal Services officials are also concerned there could be another attack if the dog remains at large.

Animal Services officers in the area since the attack have not been able to locate the dog but they continuing patrolling the area. If you see the dog, you should not approach, but call 407-742-8000, Ext. No. 4.