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Kissimmee business owner accepting generators to fix, send to Puerto Rico

Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 10:38 am

By Elizabeth Morrisey
For the News-Gazette
Puerto Rico is still in need of help after Hurricane Maria left it without power, food and water. A Kissimmee man wants to help out by refurbishing old generators.
Moonlight Starter and Generator owner John Sutton in Kissimmee is asking the community to donate their non-working generators to his company. He plans to fix the generators and get them shipped to Puerto Rico. Ninety-five percent of the U.S. territory is still without power, said Joaquin Torres, president of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida. Generators are still greatly needed.
Sutton believes there are plenty of old generators out there.
“They can be any type. I have the contacts to get the parts,” he said.
Along with donating the generator, Sutton is asking for $90 to cover the costs.
Sutton, whose company mainly focuses on alternators and motors for antique cars, newer cars and trucks, explains how many owners of generators use them, turn them off and they sit. During that time, the gas evaporates and leaves a type of glue that clogs the motor.
“There is a huge demand from the hurricane for generators,” he said. “I’ll take anything really. I could probably handle about 10 per week. It can be time consuming. But rebuilding them is cheaper than buying a new one.”
Times are still tough in Puerto Rico, said Torres. There are a lot of people in shelters and drinking water is still needed along with other supplies. Some of those include: water, canned food, diapers, soap, bug repellent, blankets, cots, work gloves, ropes, chainsaws, generators, shovels and hammers.
Luis Figueroa, a volunteer with CASA, Coordinadora de Apoyo, Solidaridad y Ayuda (Coordinating Support, Solidarity and Aid), has been working with a team to collect items for Puerto Rico. When Sutton receives and rebuilds the generators, he will bring them to Figueroa.
The collected items will be sent to Jacksonville and/or Fort Lauderdale where they will be shipped to the island.
“Generators will be used for hospitals first and then the elderly, schools and shelters,” said Figueroa.
As far as used generator donations, Moonlight Starter and Generator’s address is: Avenue A 5255 BTC Place, Kissimmee. The main Orlando drop off for supplies is 1865 Econlockhatchee Trail, Orlando.
Those wanting to help financially can donate online at