Many of you probably look forward to the cooler winter season because it means you won’t have to mow your grass as often. During the cooler winter months grass goes dormant. That means your lawn doesn’t need as much watering. Like many other utilities throughout the state, Toho Water Authority is reminding residents to: Skip a Week. Water your lawn every other week and only if it is needs it.

Skip a week

It’s as easy as OFF and ON

Just set your irrigation timer to the OFF position the week you don’t want to water and then back to ON for the week you do.

Overwatering can do harm

Watering your lawn too much when it is cooler can do more harm than good. Overwatering during the cool season can do the following to your lawn:

• Makes your lawn less able to survive droughts

• Encourages pests and diseases

• Wastes water

How much should you water?

Grass doesn’t need as much water in the cooler winter months. Apply ½ to ¾ inch of water every 10 to 14 days if needed.

It’s time to water when glass blades …

• Are folded in half lengthwise on at least one-third of your yard.

• Have a blue-grey color.

• Do not spring back, leaving footprints on the lawn for several minutes after walking on it.

Watering less during the cooler months is beneficial to your lawn and promotes wise water use. If you have any questions please email us at