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Great Customer Service Takes Practice!

All financial services companies talk about how much they care about their customers. However, many times these companies fall short due to a number of factors, such as staffing deficiencies, location, and lack of training. At CenterState, we try our best to make the customer’s experience pleasant and streamlined. To consistently achieve this, it takes looking inward during exercises such as anonymous shopping. This is when we hire a third party to send a “customer” into our locations to judge employees on the effectiveness of their presentation of our products and services. We also provide training specifically on customer service to ensure our folks are keeping their skills sharpened.

In our competitive industry, the reality is that we are all selling the same thing. This makes customer service and timely decision making paramount in differentiating our institution from the competition. Even with technology playing a larger role in how people handle their banking needs, a warm, friendly, and efficient banking environment never goes out of style.

If you aren’t satisfied with the customer service you are receiving from your bank, I encourage you to look elsewhere. Switching banks is much easier than it used to be and your time and money are valuable to you and your family.