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FCAT shows Osceola students’ impressive gains

Posted on Monday, June 9, 2014 at 2:43 pm

School LogoNearly every grade level in the Osceola County School District saw improvement in FCAT scores this year, according to the release of the state of Florida’s remaining batch of 2014 test scores.

The Florida Department of Education recognized Osceola County as one of only five districts to improve in all seven assessment areas, led by a three percentage point increase in eighth grade science.

Those who scored Level 3 or higher on the FCAT Reading assessment increased in grades 4 and 5 from 56 to 58 percent and from 55 to 57 percent in grade 6 over 2013. The statewide average was 60 in reading assessment, 60 and 61 percent in those three grades respectively.

Those scoring Level 3 or higher in reading went up from 53 to 54 percent in grade 7, 51 to 53 percent in grade 8 and 46 to 47 percent in grade 9. Tenth grade scores remained at 48 percent. The state average in grades 7-10 was 57, 57, 53 and 55. The state average did not increase by more than 1 percent in any grade.

In math, the percentage of Osceola students in Grade 4 scoring Level 3 or higher increased from 52 to 54 percent, 45 to 47 percent in grade 5, 43 to 45 in grade 6 and 48 to 49 in grade 7. Grade 8 decreased from 32 to 30 percent. The statewide averages in grades 4-8 were 63, 56, 53, 56 and 47. Statewide the 8th grade figure dropped 4 percent.

The biggest jump locally came in eighth-grade science; the percentage of students scoring Level 3 or higher jumped from 39 to 42 percent. The fifth-grade figure went from 51 to 52 percent. That’s still below the statewide averages (5th, 54; 8th, 49).

The percentage of Osceola ninth-grade students coring Level 3 or higher on the Algebra End-Of-Course Exam increased from 43 to 46 percent, and tenth-graders went from 29 to 32 percent. The state’s average has not yet been released.

District Superintendent Melba Luciano said the numbers are a result of and a testament to the hard work of students, teachers, staff, and administrators.

“Without a doubt, we are seeing the benefits of the additional professional development for our teachers and the progress monitoring of students that were put into place this school year to impact student achievement,” she said in a press release. “One of our greatest accomplishments is that the district is continuing to close the achievement gap with the state on student performance. Our district remains committed to reaching the vision of outperforming all other districts in the state of Florida. Our community should be extremely proud of the gains our students made this year.”