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Life in the Cat House

Posted on Monday, August 12, 2013 at 1:18 pm



It’s the time of year that was made for our old Ozrow kitty. He is a cat that loves summer and despises winter.
While people are trying to escape the heat, Ozrow is right out in the middle of it as much as possible. He goes out early in the morning and only enters the house a time or two during the day to get a snack and a drink. As soon as he leaves the food and water bowls, he is ready to get back out again. He’ll stay outdoors as late as we let him.
He doesn’t do much of anything when he is outside. He might take off to a stroll around his kingdom in the morning or evening, but mostly he just sprawls on the deck. Most of the time he is asleep, often in direct sunshine.
The past week or so has been prime outdoor weather for Ozrow. There’s only been a little rain to force him indoors. Rain will break up his one-cat party outdoors, although he is ready to get back out as soon as the water stops dropping.
When storms are approaching, he can hear the thunder and see the sky getting darker. He notices the wind kicking up enough to make the trees wave wildly, but still waits until the last possible second to get indoors. He moves over to a spot near the door, ready dash inside when he finally has to in order to avoid the first drops.. Of course, he expects a person to be standing by to open the door for him.
There was a time when he and our dog, Homerbucky, were mortal enemies. Those days are long past and now they share the deck for much of the day, sometimes sleeping only a couple of feet apart. For the most part, they just ignore each other.
This summer, Ozrow has some extra motivation for spending as much time as he can out in the sun and heat. Being outdoors gets him away from that pesky little nuisance we brought home a few weeks ago. Amelia Jane is still too small for us to allow her outside, so he can escape her when he’s on the deck.
We think she is getting big enough for some supervised romps on the deck. She needs to see the outdoor world and meet the dog. Ozrow will not be pleased when that happens. She’ll have to grow more before we will let her out on her own, so he is sort of safe for the time being.
I say “sort of” because he still has to put up with her when he is indoors, either for a snack or for the night. The hours spent outside provide relief for him, but there is no getting away from her when he is in the house. A few times he has shown dim signs of playing with her, but he’d really rather not. What he really wants is for her to go away. He doesn’t care where, just someplace where he isn’t. Amelia Jane doesn’t do much to change his mind since she sneaks up on him to attack his tail every chance she gets.
Ozrow has always been a hot weather cat and I suppose he always will be. When people are seeking the air conditioning he is in his element any time the temperature goes about 90 degrees. He hopes summer never ends.