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Life in the Cat House

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Kitty likes his corn cob raw

Our cat Ozrow was hanging out in the kitchen while Vivian was shucking some fresh corn on the cob.

She chopped an end off a corn ear and it rolled off the counter and fell on the floor.

Ozrow was on it in a flash and began gnawing like he was starved.

He might have been starved because it had been a long time—at least three minutes—since he’d had anything to eat.

Still, it was a surprise to see the gusto with which he chomped at that tiny bit of corn.

We have long known he is a watermelon fiend, but we never suspected he would feel the same way about corn.
We once had a corn eating cat.

It was routine to cook a piece of an ear for him and he would eat it just like people do, starting at one end and going to the other before beginning another row.

The thought of two corn eating cats was kind of odd, but Vivian said as much as Ozrow enjoyed it he should have some more.

The next time she cooked corn she cut off a small section on an ear for the cat and cooked it with the big ears for us.

When it was ready and cooled, we placed in a dish on the floor next to his watermelon.

Ozrow paid no attention to it. It could have been a rock for all he cared.

He didn’t even bother to sniff it, much less sample a bite.

“I guess he doesn’t like his corn cooked,” Vivian said.

A couple of days later, it was corn time again. Vivian had bought a dozen ears fresh from the field at a farm near our house. As it happened, Ozrow was again milling around in the kitchen, getting underfoot and begging for scraps.

Vivian sliced the pointy ends off two ears and put them on a plate she placed on the floor.

Ozrow pounced in an instant and began eating with enthusiasm.

He had a bit of trouble figuring out how to roll the nubbins around, but he got the hang of it after a while.
Our first corn eating cat wanted it cooked.

He did not want it cut off the cob, though. If it was cut off, he didn’t express any interest in it.

Ozrow obviously wants his uncooked.

We have not yet tested him to see how he feels about it being cut off.

Our other cat, Skittles, shows no interest in people food, except for tuna and salmon juice.

She is content with her cat food for the most part.

She has never begged for anything in the kitchen the way Ozrow often does.

We are now wondering what else Ozrow might like. We tried peas on him once and he was not interested.

He will eat meat scraps if we put them in his dish, but he doesn’t make a production out of wanting them the way he has for years with watermelon and now corn.

I can’t explain why one cat wanted his corn cooked and another wants it raw.

I suppose cats are like people with some wanting things one way and someone else wanting it differently.

We’ll keep giving Ozrow small chunks of corn on the cob if it keeps making him happy.

I know that is spoiling the cat, but it’s nice to see him enjoying what he eats