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Current Flooring Trends

Tile is HOT. Not a single day goes by without increased tile demand. More higher end and sleek looks are definitely sought after. Whether its the ever popular Porcelain Wood Planks or Large Format Porcelain Tile. Clean, light and modern seem to be the keywords in search of the right floor.

Wood plank Tile is in demand as never before, with high definition graphics that make it visually impossible to tell the difference between real wood. Planks are steadily increasing in length and width, with lengths up to 72”! The color of choice are whites and soft greys in flat or satin finishes.

As for the large format tiles, sizes start at 24” x 24”, 36” x 36”, 24” x 48” and as large as 48” x 96”. Solid whites in high gloss, marble finishes in high gloss or flat, light, clean and airy tones. Mostly rectified edges are sought after to minimize grout lines as much as possible, cause we all know, we hate to clean those grout lines. Upgrading a higher quality grout can eliminate backbreaking hours of cleaning. Cost of stain resistant grout is approximately double of standard grout, but well worth it in buy opinion. Stop in and take a look at all of our beautiful tiles, mention this article and receive $100 credit towards your flooring purchase in the month of April. Minimum purchase of 500 square feet. We are looking forward to seeing you. Call us for directions if needed. 407-870-2727.