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Choosing the right floor

Choosing your floor should be easy, you see something you like and you go get it. Stop! Not so fast, there are many things to consider.

Obviously you want something that is going to look great for many years to come. If you are choosing flooring for your home you want to consider your room size, colors, durability, lighting and of course your lifestyle.

Room size matters when you choose a large tile for example, such as 30-by-30 feet. If your room connects to hallways that tile might look of center or way too large for the connecting areas, choose a tile that is available in several sizes, then continue the pattern with a smaller tile in the hall way. Wood plank porcelain tiles are the most popular choice currently. A rectified tile installed with no grout line should only be installed with leveling clips so you do not have sharp or uneven edges. Slightly more expensive install, but well worth the finished product.

Choosing a color should be simple, consider all permanent products in your home that are not easily changed out like your cabinets and other flooring choices they butt up to, whether its carpet, vinyl plank, wood or tile. Opting for a very durable floor is always a good idea especially when you have pets or small children. Another thing to consider if you have a pool and dripping wet kids or adults that might run in to the fridge or bathroom. So you might want to select a floor with some slip resistant texture.

As for any business or offices,  you might want to consider commercially rated flooring such as vinyl plank flooring, tile, or carpet tile. These products are great in high traffic areas, easily interchangeable if areas are damaged. Using commercial carpet tile is a great way to lower noise and add more colorful options. Vinyl planks have a timeless higher end look to any office or retail store. The darker colors appear to  look more formal, lighter colors will make your areas look larger and airier.