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Ceramic Tile Versus Porcelain Tile

Whats better Porcelain or Ceramic Tile? Well, they are both good, depending on in which application the product is being used.

Lets talk about Ceramic tile, most ceramic tile will have a red body, so they are easy to identify, yet there are a few white body ceramics. Ceramic tiles will be much lighter in weight and much lower density. I would not recommend putting a red body ceramic tile in any wet flooring areas such as in a shower, pool or exterior application, mainly do to the water absorption. If you use a red body ceramic tile for exterior application, don’t be surprised if after a colder Florida winter with some frost, your tile starts to chip and crack. That is due to water absorption and expansion as it freezes.

Porcelain tile is definitely the superior product with endless possibilities. It is available with a honed finish, so it can be installed with minimal grout lines which is very attractive when purchasing a wood plank tile. Most quality Wood-look tiles are now manufactured with high definition and look absolutely stunning installed.Porcelain tiles are higher density which makes them a stronger solid surface, less susceptible to chipping. Porcelain tiles have a wider range of sizes and shapes available, and are also available in X- large format tiles. If you have any questions, visit our showroom in Kissimmee and check out our selection or call (407) 870-2727.