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BeaverTails, eh?

Posted on Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 10:01 am

By Jennifer DiDomenico
A&E Editor


There’s a new dessert shop in Central Florida. BeaverTails is now open and serving all of its Canadian sweets and treats at Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets.

You may have seen these Canadian favorites before, as they were previously showcased at Disney’s Epcot theme park.

“In the past we were fortunate enough to be one of the products featured in Epcot, with BeaverTails being offered at the Canadian Pavilion. That was on a rotational basis and eventually room was made for a different product to represent Canada,” said  BeaverTails CEO and owner Pino Di Ioia. “We, of course, were delighted with the Disney experience at the time and would love to be able to return one day.”

“After having the pleasure of being in Epcot, we are thrilled to be back in Orlando,” Di Ioia continued. 

The Canadian brand originated in 1978 as a kiosk at the Killaloe Fair in Ottawa, Ontario, by Pam and Grant Hooker. The first stores opened in the late 1970s in Canada. As the brand quickly took off, more stores in Canada and abroad began to open.

In 2002, the team of Pino Di Ioia and his family took over management of BeaverTails, moving the head office to Montreal. By 2008, new boutique locations opened with an expanded menu, including items like ice cream and poutines. The American market then began to open.

Today, BeaverTails pastries are available at 140 locations — 124 in Canada, 10 in the United States and distribution licenses in six international countries.

The food truck-like location is located just outside of the very popular Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, offering classic BeaverTails pastry flavours, signature hot and cold beverages and even traditional Canadian poutine. The classic treats include whole wheat, hand-stretched pastries with toppings ranging from the Classic Cinnamon & Sugar to the Triple Trip, with chocolate hazelnut spread and Reese’s Pieces and peanut butter, and more.

“As a world famous leisure food synonymous with having fun and making memories, we couldn’t be happier to finally be present in the epicenter of the world’s leading leisure destination, Orlando,” said Di Ioia.

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