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BCS gods smiling on Seminoles

Posted on Friday, December 6, 2013 at 12:25 pm

Pedone_RickRick Pedone
Sports  Editor
It’s the 72nd anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.
Now, Alabama football fans know how the U.S. Navy felt that day.
When does Bama give up a two-touchdown lead in a big game? When does the Tide defense collapse in the second half? A 109-yard field goal return?
So, Auburn 34, Alabama 28 at the Iron Bowl, and Florida State and Ohio State fans said, “Works for us!”
Now that the sexual assault charges against Noles quarterback Jameis Winston are dropped, what stands between the FSU and its third national title?
Duke? Could FSU have dialed up a more agreeable opponent for the ACC championship game?
Then, probably, Ohio State, although the Buckeyes have work to do against Michigan State for the Big Ten crown.
Should FSU and Ohio State win as expected today, the big groans you hear will be from UF fans. They’ll have to watch the team they dislike the most (FSU) against the team (OSU) directed by the “Least Popular Coach in Gators Football History Who Won Two National Championships” play for the championship.
Another happy fan base: UCF’s. The Knights are in one of the BCS bowls for the first time. thanks to Louisville’s entertaining overtime win against Cincinnati Thursday.
Are the Knights ready for the big-time  spotlight? Let’s hope so. One potential opponent is the really ticked off Crimson Tide.
The Mighty News-Gazette Divine Nine:
No. 1: Auburn’s “Mr. 109,” Chris Davis. No. 2: The Flaming Spears. No. 3: The Ohio State. No. 4: The Seahawks. No. 5: Seattle’s fans (for setting a new decibel record). No. 6: Ear plugs. No. 7: The Pats. No. 8: The Broncos. No. 9: The Knights.
To the picks:
UCF at SMU (no line): It’s going to be cold, wet  and windy in Dallas today, but who cares? UCF will be nice and warm at the Orange Bowl or Sugar Bowl next month. Knights by 6.
Duke vs. FSU (ACC championship): Noles fans have pinched themselves raw. Alabama is out of the way, and a basketball team stands between them and the national championship game. Flaming Spears by 35.
Missouri (-2) vs. Auburn (SEC championship): Not sure what’s going on with Auburn this season, but magicians must be involved. War Eagle by 1 in a Magical Upset.
Ohio State (-6) vs. Michigan State (Big Ten championship): Buckeyes don’t get a lot of love, but when do they lose? Buckeyes by 4.
Arizona State (-3) vs. Stanford (Pac-12 championship): You don’t want to get into a track meet with the Sun Devils, but Stanford knows how to shut down a spread attack. Cardinal by 4.
The paid professionals:
Buffalo at Tampa Bay (-2.5): It would have been nice if the Bucs had started playing football in September rather than November. Bucs by 4.
Miami at Pittsburgh (-3): Miami is making its second cold weather trip in a row. Frosty the Finman by 2.
Detroit at Philadelphia (-2.5): Lions try, but they can’t seem to fall out of the NFC North lead. Green Birds by 3.
Carolina at New Orleans (-3.5): Red hot Panthers are the last team the Saints want to see after a short week. Panthers by 4.
Seattle at San Francisco (-3): Seabirds may not have much left in the tank after their demolition of New Orleans Monday. Niners by 4.
Brian “Big Man” McBride’s Super Sniffer Upset Special: Buffalo by 3.
Andrew “Flaming Spear” Sullivan says: FSU by 42, and I’ll make a second half prediction later.
Ken “Young” Jackson says: Knights by 7 points, three icicles and a sideline space heater, Steelers by 3, Seapigeons by 8.