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Austin Tindall expanding, modifying name

Posted on Monday, September 18, 2017 at 12:24 pm

By Ken Jackson

Staff Writer

After cleaning up some tree damage from Hurricane Irma, the county is ready to move forward with changes and expansion plans at Austin Tindall Regional Park.

The first change has already happened. To reflect the true purpose of the facility, its name is now Austin Tindall Sports Complex. But the biggest change to the eye is expect to begin taking shape in late October, when the complex will break ground on a planned expansion to add more fields, concessions and parking in order to accommodate bigger sports events and more spectators.

Austin Tindall, which currently has seven multi-sport fields, will add five more in the expansion. One will be part of a 1,500-seat mini-stadium with a high-end scoreboard, its own parking, concessions and restroom facilities.

The park will also get a second entrance point from Boggy Creek Road, just west of the current primary entrance. They will be joined by a new road that will circle the entire complex and give parking staff the means to park participants in an orderly fashion, which in turn assists getting cars off Boggy Creek Road in a quicker fashion.

The park, not far from two sizable subdivisions, Boggy Creek Elementary School and a public high school under construction to the west, is known for causing traffic bottlenecks for those coming into the park for larger team sports events.

The renovations will cost the county $10.7 million in Tourist Development Tax dollars.

According to Facility Director Jeff Kuenzli, Austin Tindall Sports Complex is also acquiring roughly 25 more acres to the east of the complex from members of the Austin family who are relocating. Future plans for this “will be forth coming.”

“We are all looking forward to our re-grand opening sometime next summer and showing each of you first hand the new and improved Austin Tindall Sports Complex,” Kuenzli said.