Well, here is a floor near to perfect for a busy family life or for someone that loves ease of maintenance. Not to be confused with old linoleum floors, Luxury vinyl planks are far from that.

Available to be installed in glue down or a floating application. Perfect flooring for residential or commercial use.

In my opinion, the floating application with a rigid plank is definitely the way to go. Glue down planks will eventually start shadowing the imperfections of the sub-floor through, so without proper sub-floor preparation, the floor will show rippling and waves.

Rigid Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) can be installed over existing hard surface floors. Very little subtler preparation is needed, and it does not need to be acclimated, so you are ready to go, when you get the floor to your home.

Here are some other great benefits to installing a LVP flooring in your home. Most will have an attached pad made out of synthetic materials or cork, which will provide added sound insulation and will also absorb sub-floor imperfections. This floor adds warmth and superior stain resistance. It also resists chips and dents and is Waterproof. So it is a great floor for homeowners with small children, pets or homes with pools.

Generally speaking, it is fairly easy to install if you are handy. It can be done with basic tools, or of course the best way, is to have a professional installer install it for you, so you can sit back, sip your wine and relax.

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