Carpet built to last

Shaw industries recently came out with a new product so advanced, far from anything launched before. BELLERA High performance Carpet.

This carpet changes everything, rethink what you know about your past carpet experiences. Bellera is built to last, combining the newest in performance fiber with R2X stain and soil technology and the ultimate LifeGuard Spill-Proof backing.

So no worries, this carpet can take it all. Spill or pet accidents will not penetrate your cushion or subfloor, and it will clean easier than any other carpet available. From top to bottom this carpet is backed with a No Surprises Worry Free Warranty. If thats not great enough, besides it ultimate durability and lasting softness, it will also stand up to harsh conditions like we have here in Florida, our beautiful sunlight, it will protect against fading. No other carpet is backed by blue to easily identify BELLERA. Out with old in with the blue! Area Rugs also available in BELLERA. The high performance carpet that does it all!

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