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People often ask me about the ages of our cats. I can never give an honest answer because I don’t remember. Both Skittles and Ozrow are getting older, although neither has slowed down much.

The other morning right after we woke up, Ozrow went bouncing around the bedroom like a kitten chasing a ball of yarn. He still jumps up on the deck rail and the window sill. He misses his leaps now and then, but he’s always done that. The cat has been a life-long klutz.

Skittles is normally about as active as a mushroom. When she does move it’s usually at the pace of a turtle walking through peanut butter. She isn’t lazy as much as she is just laid back and takes life at her own speed, which happens to be slow. She was a ball of energy and always into things when she was a kitten, but when she reached adulthood she slowed down so much she is sometimes more like a statue of a cat. I’ve seen her run but it’s against her nature to do so. For the most part, she moves slow and easy.

Skittles does have one odd quirk. When she comes in the house, she sort of skips along in her own bouncy style of trotting. She only maintains that pace for a few feet and only when she is coming inside. Going out, she is slow and often pauses to look around when she is halfway through the door.

I can’t remember for sure which cat is the oldest. I think Skittles is the elder of the two, but I could be wrong. We had other cats at the time Skittles and Ozrow came to live with us and they sort of blended in as growing kittens. I have trouble remembering the ages of my own kids, much less the cats. All I know is they have been with us for years.

They both do show some signs of getting grumpy as they age. They don’t fight much but they do have a stand-off sometimes, usually early in the morning for some reason. Occasionally, that expands into an all-out cat fight, but not often. Tensions never seem to get out of hand later in the day.

Ozrow doesn’t climb trees as much as he once did. I suppose that is another sign of aging. We have some tall trees around our house and we’ve seen him in the topmost branches, waving in the wind and having a fine time. Skittles mostly climbed trees when she was chasing Ozrow and he went up one. She would never go as high as he did, but she could climb when the urge struck her.

One thing for sure, neither of them has suffered any loss of appetite. They both eat more than a Jersey cow nursing twin calves.

They visit their food dishes every few minutes when they are indoors and not asleep.

Sometimes it seems like we buy more food for the cats than we do for ourselves.

Yes, they are getting older, but both appear to be in good health and we have hopes of keeping them around for years to come.


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