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Sometimes, when we feel yucky, the best thing to perk us up is a cat in the lap. That goes double when the problem is when we’re just plain grumpy or irritated.

There are times when instead of a batch of pills, maybe doctors should provide a prescription for some quality cat therapy. That won’t work for all ailments but it might make nearly any condition less difficult and help speed up recovery.

I don’t know that there has ever been much medical research on cat therapy, but there should be. It could be especially useful in cases of depression or just simple cases of the blahs. When a soft, warm kitty gets its purr motor running, only a true grump could avoid feeling better within minutes.

I doubt that health insurance companies would ever be willing to pay for cat food, although they probably should. It would save them money, if nothing else. A bag of cat food is a whole lot less expensive than a small bottle of pills and at times having a happy, well-fed cat around would do people more good than medications from the drug store.

I know a cat can’t cure cancer or do much to overcome heart disease. If someone is recovering from one of those, or almost anything else, a happy cat to provide comfort is sure to aid recovery. If nothing else, a purring kitty will take a patient’s mind off the discomfort and mental anguish of an illness, from serious to trivial.

People in nursing homes and assisted living facilities could really benefit from having a few cats around. Most of them probably had cats at some time in their lives and one now would bring back some pleasant memories to enhance the present.

As for sick kids, I would wager holding a cat would offer greater comfort than a teddy bear. I have never heard a teddy bear that can purr and even the softest stuffed bear is no match for the softness of a fuzzy cat.

Neither my wife nor I are prone to bouts of depression, so we mainly have cats because we enjoy them. But we do get grumpy at times and the cats are always an aid to a cure for that. We are fortunate in having two cats that are both world class at purring. They can cheer up an old grouch in minutes.

I really think medical science should look into using cats to assist in cures for ill people and accident victims, young or old. The government is always giving grants for oddball things, so why not a grant for something that is already known to be effective? Come to think of it, if all cat people already know cat therapy works, maybe there is not any need to spend taxpayer dollars for a study.

I know some people will say the benefits of cat therapy are all in my mind. Well, yeah, but isn’t that what makes it effective? Cats cannot actually heal, but they sure can make people feel better.


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