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Several people have asked me how our cat Ozrow is doing after his encounter with a snake.

It’s been a difficult time for him, especially since the snake has been hanging around. He is slowly getting back to normal but is still skittish, both outside and indoors.

My wife, Vivian, finally saw the monster snake a few days ago. She thought it was a blue racer. Whatever it was, it measured maybe two feet long. From the way Ozrow acted, you would have thought it was 49-foot-long boa constrictor.

He wouldn’t go outside for a few days until Vivian finally picked him up and put him out. All he’d do was sit on the deck rail and look frightened. He’d hunch up with his neck stuck out while he sniffed the air and looked around. In the past couple of days he has started going out on his own and even got off the deck.

Indoors, he was jumpy and leery of everything. He has a special interest in one particular heat and air conditioning vent in the living room. I have never counted them, but I know we have those vents all over the house. It’s just that one he’s afraid of, though. He’ll stand about three feet from it and stare at it like he is expecting a snake to emerge any second.

Normally, Ozrow doesn’t pay any attention to regular house noises, but he has been so much on edge everything makes him nervous now. One morning last week, he was standing in the kitchen when the toaster popped up.

That clunk sound toasters make was enough to cause him to jump then hunker down ready to fend off whatever it was coming after him.

He has also deserted the bed at night. He’s been sleeping in a corner on the bedroom floor, putting himself in a position where nothing can sneak up behind him. He chose a corner near the door so he can make a dash to safety if necessary.

Because of his self-imposed house arrest, he has become a fan of television, just like some old folks do after they retire. He sits on the floor in front of the TV and looks up at it. Often, he looks back and forth across the screen like someone watching a tennis match.

He had never paid any attention to the TV before, but he has never been a full-blown housecat before.

As I said, he is slowly coming out of his funk. Another week or so he should be back to normal, provided the snake doesn’t reappear.

Our dog, Homerbucky, is kind of deadly on critters in the yard, so it’s possible the snake has either already gone to a safer haven or the dog just got him. It wasn’t the kind of snake that would harm anyone or anything, but there is no use trying to tell Ozrow that.

We hope all this wears off soon. Ozrow has always been a happy-go-lucky cat and it’s sad to see him living in fear. We want our old carefree cat back again.



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