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Life in the Cat House


It’s been an exciting time for the cats at our house. They found something different but still familiar, something to attract them without being the least bit scary.

We have a couch that is bigger than average, and also comfortable and sturdy. The only problem with it is the color. It’s double ugly. We’d never have bought one that color but it was a gift when we had our house built years ago, so we took it.

When my wife, Vivian, couldn’t stand to look at it any longer, she measured carefully and made a cover for it. A few days ago, she decided the cover needed washing.

The couch sits against a wall, so she pulled it out to get behind it to unfasten the cover. She also had to shove the coffee table out of the way to make room for the couch away from the wall.

The cats instantly noticed the rearranged furniture and went exploring. There has always been room for a cat to fit between the back legs of the couch and the wall but they have seldom bothered to explore back there.

Now, with a whole new space opened up, they had a fine time checking out previously unknown territory. They also like having the coffee table in a new location. That was all fun, although the best was yet to come.

After washing, Vivian hung the various parts of the cover, the back, bottom, three cushions and two throw pillows, on the outside line to dry in the autumnish air.

When she piled the dried sections in a laundry basket, she brought it in and put it on the floor. Our boy cat, Ozrow, thought she did that just for him, so he jumped on top of the clean cloth and settled down for a lengthy nap. When he got up later to go get a snack, Vivian got busy putting the cover back on the couch.

It was quite a job to get it all stretched, tucked and fastened.

Stuffing the cushions back into their individual sections took a lot of pushing, pulling and stretching.

She finally got it all finished, moved the couch back against the wall and put the coffee table back where it belongs. That’s when the cats really sat up and took notice.

It was the same old couch in the same old place, with the only difference it was clean. The cats had to check out every inch of it, all the same. They did kitty dances on it, sniffed it, and walked carefully all along the cushions, then jumped up on the back to give it an overall inspection.

The big surprise came that night. Instead of sharing bed space with people, both cats claimed night spots on the couch, Skittles at one end and Ozrow at the other.

I thought sometime during the night they would slip into the bedroom to snuggle with people, but they didn’t.

The following morning they were still in their positions on the couch.

Apparently it is the outdoorsy smell from the autumn air the cover picked up on the clothes line they like.

Or maybe they are just weird cats.


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