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Life in the Cat House


A home improvement project coincided with foul weather to keep at least one of our cats occupied when it was cold the first part of last week.

The stairs in our house have always been covered with carpet glued on the steps in individual pieces. Other pieces covered the risers between steps. My wife, Vivian, decided it was time to replace the carpet and took on the chore of ripping up the stuff. They were glued solidly in place and it took a lot of effort to get each piece removed and even more work to get the glue off.

Our cat Ozrow was right in the middle of it all, supervising at close range. Close enough that his nose was stuck as near as possible to whatever section Vivian was working on.

It was really a lot more kitty help than she needed. On nice days she might have encouraged Ozrow to go outside and chase bugs, but he was not the least bit interested in the great outdoors.

He did stick his nose out a time or two, but quickly decided his place was inside helping at the stairs. Ripping up carpet is a lot more fun than shivering. Besides, no self-respecting bugs would be out and about anyway.

Our other cat, Skittles, was content to spend the cold days on the bed, snoozing away and probably dreaming of warmer times.

She didn’t show any indication of wanting to go out and didn’t bother to get into the stairway work.

Ozrow is a faithful supervisor. Anything done at a level he can observe is sure to draw his attention. He loves the spring when holes are dug in dirt to plant things.

Every time there is a break in the digging he has to stick his head in the hole and make sure it’s being dug properly.

Skittles prefers to supervise from a distance. She might take a quick glance at whatever project is under way, but she leaves the close-up work to Ozrow, at least when it’s being done outside. She takes on supervising duties when something is done on a table.

She likes to help Vivian sew. We don’t have a lot of clothes that need ironing, but when something does need it she loves the ironing board. So far she has not gotten her nose burned or sewed up, although there have been a few close calls.

Vivian does most of her work upstairs. Sometimes, when I am sitting downstairs doing nothing, I can hear her up there trying to maintain control of the situation.

“Get out of that.”

“Leave that alone.”

“Quit it or I am going to toss you outside.”

“Get your nose away from that.”

The culprit can be either cat, but it’s usually Skittles. She also likes to help Vivian read, especially the newspaper.

Between them, there is not much that goes on at our house that isn’t carefully inspected by at least one cat.


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