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Lazy days for the kitty cats

Cats are lazy by nature. Some, like our girl cat Skittles, carry laziness to heights humans can only dream about and wonder at.

Both our cats take life easy, but our boy cat Ozrow at least roams around the yard and does some modest exploring.

Skittles mostly limits her movements to trips to her food dish, outside to sleep on the deck, and indoors to sleep on a pillow.

Ozrow goes outside early every morning while Skittles only gets up long enough for a few bites of breakfast and a visit to the litter box. She then goes right back to bed until noon or later.

Sometimes, in the evenings, she does display a bit of energy chasing things like bottle caps on the floor or jumping up on the arm of a chair for a round of petting. She goes to bed early, usually claiming a pillow from which she has to be removed when it’s bedtime for people.

Skittles was an active kitten that was always on the go and getting into things. Sometime along the way to adulthood she decided life was too short to devote much of it to anything besides sleeping. When she goes from one place to another, it’s usually to change sleeping spots.

Probably the most active cat we’ve ever had was a solid black girl named Sunshine. She prowled the woods and sometimes wandered off for days at a time. Because she always came back looking well fed, we knew she was going to someone else’s house, although we never found out whose or how far it was.

Our gray and white Bruiser was a woods roamer, too. We’d sometimes spot him more than a half mile from home.

He wasn’t hunting as much as he was just looking around. Many of our cats have gone into the edge of the woods, but not past a few of the nearest trees. Others have tree climbers, or they would find a way to get up on the roof of the house. In other words, they moved around.

Skittles is the least active on any of them. It isn’t because she is in poor health or it hurts to move. She can jump up on the deck railing when she wants, She is just plain lazy. Sometimes we see Ozrow come running when he is called, but Skittles never hurries. Of course, she is seldom more than a few feet from the door.

I suppose cats are just like people in how active they are. Some humans lay around most of the time, so it shouldn’t be a surprise the same would hold true for some cats. All cats, from lions and tigers to pets in our homes, need a lot of sleep. Very few of them make a full lifestyle out of it, however.

We don’t mind Skittles being a layabout. She has no chores to do and isn’t expected to hold down a job.

Her only job is to be a cat and she performs that duty well. If she wants to devote a large segment of her life to sleeping, that’s her decision.


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