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Life in the Cat House


My wife, Vivian, often says our cat Ozrow is her best buddy. She may be right. People talk about how a puppy learns to be loyal and will follow along behind someone. Ozrow puts even the most loyal puppy to shame. At least with Vivian.

I am more or less a lump around the house as far as Ozrow is concerned. In his Solar System Vivian is the sun, while I am a distant, puny asteroid that can only be seen with the most powerful of telescopes.

We were stuck at home due to winter weather for the past two weeks. Vivian spent her time involved in deep house cleaning and Ozrow relieved his boredom by being right there with her, following along as if her shoes were coated with catnip.

When she tried to sweep, he had to inspect the dirt pile with each swing of the broom. When she mopped the kitchen, he checked carefully to be sure she didn’t miss even a tiny spot.

The area that needed cleaning attention the most was upstairs, where Vivian spends a lot of her time sewing or taking care of paperwork. She recently made some new curtains for someone and in the process quite a few straight pins were dropped on the carpet. She got down on her hands and knees to find them and pick them up. Ozrow thought that was a fine and fun new game. He didn’t try to pick any up himself but he made sure none were missed.

In truth, the way Vivian was most likely to miss any was because the cat was standing on them. He doesn’t just hang around in the area when she is doing something, he is squarely in the middle of it, as close as he can get.

That closeness can become frustrating when she is trying to do paperwork for her part time job. Sitting nearby and watching isn’t for Ozrow. He thinks the best way to know what is going on is to be on top of the papers.

He also took up a spot on the ironing board when Vivian tried to iron a shirt. She could make a couple of swipes with the iron, then move the cat. It was pretty much the same situation when she was dusting.

About the only part of the cleaning operation he didn’t participate in was when she turned on the vacuum cleaner. He doesn’t like to hear that contraption running, so he will take off when it starts. He doesn’t dash away to hide out like our other cat, Skittles, does. He’ll either go downstairs for a snack of sit at the top of the stairs where he can still see what is happening without being too near the machine.

I have no idea how many trips Vivian and the cat made up and down the stairs. I know they both got plenty of exercise. When Vivian came down, Ozrow would come down. When Vivian went up, Ozrow would go up. Like a loyal sidekick, he was always there, always ready to help.

I think Ozrow rather enjoyed being snowed in for days. He likes to be outdoors on nice days, but being an assistant housekeeper seemed to suit him just fine. He didn’t swing a broom, pick up a duster, wash a window or mop a floor. He didn’t sew a stitch or iron a square inch of fabric. If you asked him, however, I’m sure he would say he had a grand time.

I doubt he would ever want to make a career out of house cleaning, but for a couple of icy and snowy weeks it kept him occupied.


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