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It’s hammer time again — Thor returns in Thor: The Dark World

Posted on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 9:12 am


Chris Hemsworth returns as the God of Thunder, Thor, and Anthony Hopkins as his father Odin in Thor: The Dark World.

By Peter Covino

Lifestyles Editor

We don’t need another super hero.
We’ve got caped crusaders, men of iron and steel, an invisible girl, animal mutants, a human torch, a super surfer, a thing and a hulk just to quickly rattle off  a dozen or so of the multitudes of super guys and gals who have flown, swam, time-traveled, climbed and dug their way across movie screens across the USA since we first believed a man could fly with Superman in 1978.
It would probably take a  super computer to calculate all the revenue, but just The Avengers, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3 and Spider-Man (the current top 5 according to have amassed about $2.4 billion combined domestically on the big screen over the past decade or so.
So pardon me if I just can’t get too excited about the return of Thor  to movieplexes across the USA this week.
Thor  actually brought new life to the genre when the superhero debuted  in 2011 with its Norse roots. More stats: Thor ranks 20th in superhero films at $181 million.
Directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder (complete with giant hammer accessory) it was a fun time at the movies.
Thor: The Dark World is more of the same, ably helped by a returning cast that includes Anthony Hopkins as Odin; Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s adopted brother Loki and Natalie Portman as a not so plain Jane, Thor’s earthly attraction; and Kat Dennnings as Darcy, Jane’s sidekick.
As tired as I am of the superhero genre and I really would like to grumble more, Thor II actually works, most of the time.
Hemsworth is good once again as Thor, and the story, which looks more like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones (its directed by Alan Taylor, who produces the HBO hit series)  has a nice flow, with just the right amount of humor so you don’t take the whole thing too seriously.
This time out, Thor is in over his hammer it would appear.
Brother Loki is in prison for his past bad deeds (see Thor I) and there is a new villian named Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) who is on track to control the Nine Realms of the Universe and Thor  cannot stop him by himself.
Could this be a call for a little brotherly love? Or will Loki return to his evil ways?
The special effects are pretty much what you would expect for a super film, nothing amazing, but right on target. I saw it in 3D, and while effective, I don’t know if it is a necessary price option.
I guess it all depends on how much you love Thor and the rest of the Marvel universe.
For serious Marvel/Avengers fans et. all: Don’t leave when the closing credits start. Yes, there is a teaser preview of coming attractions about a minute or so into the closing credits.

Critic’s rating B

Thor: The Dark World is rated PG-13.

Running Time: 152 minutes



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